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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

5 Quick Tips To Stay On Track When Away/On Holiday

Hey, As I said on Wednesday I’m currently having a little break from work. I’m in Cornwall until tomorrow then heading to London for a wedding tomorrow night! Pretty hectic few days but nice to have a break. Times like this involve service station food, sitting for hours in the car, meals out, alcohol, hotel […]

15 Lbs Down And Starting To Enjoy Exercise

Yo yo! Another busy week at HQ! Finished off an interesting course yesterday, PSI (postural stability instructor). Was a really good course and interesting! For me it really hit home about how we need to look after ourselves to avoid the many many health problems associated with ageing. Not for me thanks! Look after yourself […]

What Would 35lbs Weight Loss Mean To You?

Hey! Just a quick one today, It’s Friday and I know you’re busy. Summer is in full swing after our recent glorious weather and all the social occasions involving food and alcohol to go with it, people may be feel a little ‘larger and softer’ than usual and want to do something about it. What would 35lbs […]