How Fit Are You? Read On To Test

Hey, I’m having a much needed admin day while writing this, I ran Llanelli¬†half marathon over the weekend so my legs and particularly my feet are in a bit of a state! I’m pleased to say it went well and I ran my fastest ever time. I achieved my goal of running it in a […]

Do You Fear The Gym?

January is nearly complete (woop woop I hear you cry!!) A long and dark month that many people find the hardest. I must admit I’ve had quite a nice month so haven’t been sucked into all this blue Monday and worst month ever rubbish. It’s really just people rebelling because they can’t continue eating chocolate […]

Walking Vs Crossfit

The audacity!!! To compare a simple act of walking to one of the most extreme sports in the world! Before anyone gets their wall balls in a twist it’s just a bit of fun. It seems like very little trainers and coaches out there really promote the big benefits that walking can have to a […]