Train The Same Remain The Same

Can you think of someone or a few people maybe who are at the gym all the time? Regular as clockwork, same time every single day. So committed, they’re in great shape right? Ummm Often not. You see (we aren’t talking nutrition today) many people are members of gyms for years, train for hours a […]

The Scary Side Of Ageing

I’ve spent the last two days on a course held locally. It’s been a real eye opener, I’m adding another string to my bow as a PSI (Postural Stability Instructor). This work allows me to work with older adults, specifically frailer adults with a risk of falling. The last two days has really hit home […]

Get Straight Back On Track With These 3 Simple Steps

Hello, Hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed the extended time off work (for those of you that had). I’m writing this in advance, much like my other blogs. It’s currently 13:50 on Tuesday and I feel a bit rubbish. The Easter weekend for me involved plenty of exercise and some nice healthy […]