How To Avoid Feeling More Stuffed Than The Christmas Turkey

January is a busy old time in the fitness industry. People feeling bloated and fat returning to the gyms and taking up exercise after fattening themselves up in December. Advent calendars, Christmas parties, nights out, Christmas meals… I read that some people consume 7000 calories along on Christmas day!! (I think a few years ago […]

708,500 Children, 12 Junk Food Ads

If you are a regular reader or are simply aware about what’s going on in the UK then you know our health is in the s**t (and getting worse). We don’t just have a weight crisis, it’s an obesity crisis. And it’s growing!(Pun intended) So with this in mind you’d think that everyone in a […]

How Sitting Too Long Affects The Body

In 2002 the World Health Organisation (WHO), the world health organisation I just told you! (that was a bad joke) listed inactivity/sedentary lifestyle as one of the 10 leading global causes of death and disability. Not good! And in today’s world it is so easy to be inactive. I now wear a fitbit, I’ve had […]