5 Quick Tips To Stay On Track When Away/On Holiday

Hey, As I said on Wednesday I’m currently having a little break from work. I’m in Cornwall until tomorrow then heading to London for a wedding tomorrow night! Pretty hectic few days but nice to have a break. Times like this involve service station food, sitting for hours in the car, meals out, alcohol, hotel […]

What Would 35lbs Weight Loss Mean To You?

Hey! Just a quick one today, It’s Friday and I know you’re busy. Summer is in full swing after our recent glorious weather and all the social occasions involving food and alcohol to go with it, people may be feel a little ‘larger and softer’ than usual and want to do something about it. What would 35lbs […]

5 Things I’ve Done To Bring Me Back To Life

As I mentioned last Friday I was heading off to Cardiff on a stag weekend. Don’t get me wrong in my younger days I used to go out all the time, Friday and Saturday on the booze were a norm. In recent years though I’ve gone off it and only really go out on special […]