A Solero A Day And Still Losing Weight

Hello hello, Small group training member Shelly has been training with me over a year. Shelly has always been pretty active and attends one session with me and spends the rest of her training time at a local gym. She recently sent me a message which inflated my ego and I don’t mind sharing with […]

One Of The Biggest Factor That Makes Or Breaks Weight Loss

What do you think? I get my clients to fill out food diaries to see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. For the honest ones who fill it in properly it’s often things like crisps, bread, chocolate, ice cream, pizza which they go wrong with. The thing is they’re eating […]

Completely Life Changing (Llanelli Man)

It was a couple of years ago I first met Paul. You may recall since that time I’ve mentioned him within my posts. Paul started training with me with his aim of returning to the shape he was once in, he is very successful in business and the busy job had allowed bad habits to […]