3 Effective ‘Hacks’ To Make Sure You Lose A Little Timber

Summer is in full flow, I’ve seen clients come and go from holidays the last month or so. Some come back looking the same whereas others come back half a stone heavier, it’s the time of year. Soon the summer will unfortunately be drawing to a close and people will start to get back into […]

Should I Run If I Want To Lose Weight?

This is a question I get asked a lot. I’d say running is the one exercise people feel like they need to do and that they want to be able to be ‘fit’ enough to do. Being a runner I also find it a difficult one to answer, I’ve run in some shape or form since […]

Smoothies Or Fizzy Drinks?

What is healthier? Which one would you give your kids? It’s a no brainer really isn’t it. It’s got to be the lovely colourful smoothies right? Okay so which is healthier – well fizzy drinks offer zero health benefits, smoothies (for the purpose of this post I’m just talking about ready made shop bought ones) […]