5 Quick Tips To Stay On Track When Away/On Holiday

Hey, As I said on Wednesday I’m currently having a little break from work. I’m in Cornwall until tomorrow then heading to London for a wedding tomorrow night! Pretty hectic few days but nice to have a break. Times like this involve service station food, sitting for hours in the car, meals out, alcohol, hotel […]

5 Things I’ve Done To Bring Me Back To Life

As I mentioned last Friday I was heading off to Cardiff on a stag weekend. Don’t get me wrong in my younger days I used to go out all the time, Friday and Saturday on the booze were a norm. In recent years though I’ve gone off it and only really go out on special […]

How Will Your Summer Go?

So the nice weather is here! I’ve seen a different mood around since the sun came out for this first time. Some are loving it and the legs are out! Some aren’t enjoying it so much and want to shut themselves away. For me summer is the best time of year. I admittedly love wearing […]