Secure Your Place (Before It’s Too late)

How many of the following things would you like? 1. Be your target weight 2. Have bundles of energy 3. Sleep well 4. Feel healthy 5. Be less prone to illness  6. Have a good body shape 7. To enjoy easy and healthy, home cooked meals 8. To be more body confident I could name […]

Let Me Teach You How To Eat Healthy (Seminar Coming Up)

Exciting news. Next month I shall be holding a nutrition seminar at my gym in Bynea, Llanelli. As you notice from my regular blog posts a lot of the advice I give is based around diet and nutrition, what to do and what not to do. Why do I talk about it so much? Because […]

Happy V Day

Morning, Hope you aren’t in a pancake coma after pancake day yesterday, well it’s round 2 today. Valentines day! Double whammy! Plus this is sandwiched amongst the six nations campaign which inevitably means a few days on the lash! People have only just recovered from Christmas and it’s such a simple time to slip into […]