No More Meds

I had this message from Cath who attends my small group training sessions on a Tuesday night. She has just completed her first 12 week block and is about to start her next one, here’s what she said: ‘Got to be honest, I have got so much more energy since starting training, that’s all I […]

How Healthy Are You Out Of 10?

I’m talking all the time. Not just Monday-Thursday It seems like everyone who has a day or two of healthy eating deserves a treat or a ‘cheat day’, a dominoes pizza as a reward for a 20 min run or a slice of cake after attending a zumba class. Us humans (myself included) are a […]

I Need Your Help

Every so often I do a little Q and A article from readers who send me their questions about health, lifestyle, diet, fitness or anything related. I’m after more and more questions. To make this Q and A thing a more regular article (and hopefully eventually it will be turned into a podcast with guest […]