Uh Oh Another Bank Holiday (What To Do)

The summer has one more curve ball to throw us if we’re trying to be healthy in the form of this bank holiday weekend. Things will start to settle back down then after it. The frustration for me is that people tend to think that’s there’s two options: 1. Be healthy and live a boring […]

Record Number Of Severely Obese Children

More good news from the UK this week… Public health England have found that a record number of children are leaving primary school severely obese (more than 22,000 children!!!!). 1 in 25 were shown to be severely obese.  That’s SEVERELY obese, doesn’t take into account normal levels of obesity or even being overweight. SEVERELY What […]

5 Quick Tips To Stay On Track When Away/On Holiday

Hey, As I said on Wednesday I’m currently having a little break from work. I’m in Cornwall until tomorrow then heading to London for a wedding tomorrow night! Pretty hectic few days but nice to have a break. Times like this involve service station food, sitting for hours in the car, meals out, alcohol, hotel […]