Yes Or No Game

Want to play a little game? I sound like that creepy guy from the Saw films. Don’t worry my mind is still intact and another hopefully thought provoking post coming your way. I want you to answer yes or no to the following questions: Here goes Are you happy with your current body shape? Do […]

Get Straight Back On Track With These 3 Simple Steps

Hello, Hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed the extended time off work (for those of you that had). I’m writing this in advance, much like my other blogs. It’s currently 13:50 on Tuesday and I feel a bit rubbish. The Easter weekend for me involved plenty of exercise and some nice healthy […]

Easter Warning

2018 is now in full flow. We had the what seemed at times never ending January. That’s done and now we’re gathering speed. Every couple of weeks it seems is a new opportunity for us budding health people to potentially slip up and fall off tracks from our goals. I saw a few people fall […]