Q & A: Kettlebells, Muscle Building, The Best Time To Eat

Hey there, As it’s Friday and I’m finally moving into my new house today it’s going to be a quick fire blog post. I have plenty of packing and unpacking to do, nearly there though. Also delighted to say my new business office is set up which shall hopefully make me much more productive so […]

Sexy Vegetables

Do they do it for you? A study in the US has found that giving vegetables sexy names makes people more likely to eat their greens. (MADNESS) But does it work? A university study found a sales increase of 25% on vegetables after using some raunchy labels!! Sizzlin beans Dynamite beets Twisted citrus – glazed […]

Are You Protein Mad?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that protein is ‘IN’ at the moment. I would say we are a lot more aware of what we’re eating and there is a big focus on food and what’s healthy and what’s not (This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone hence the obesity crisis). I’ve noticed over the last few years […]