How To Eat Out The Smart Way

Don’t Eat Out!!! Just kiddding December is now upon us, and the Christmas meals are looming! This is the time when clients start to ask me how the hell do they stay on track. There’s loads of treats around the office in work, meals out, christmas parties etc etc Many of you reading will have […]

My American Adventure

Yo yo, I’m back from 10 days in Orlando, Florida. 10 days of regular exercise and healthy natural foods. I feel amazing! Nottttttt! I had an awesome time but my body maybe wouldn’t agree. In that environment it’s pretty tough to stay on track. I walked at least 10 miles a day and only drank water […]

Which Ones Have You Tried?

It seems that every other week there is a brand new miraculous wonderful diet coming out! You know the ones, the ones that promise you’ll lose 28 pounds in a month or some rubbish. There’s juice plus, herbalife, ketogenic, paleo, Cambridge, atkins, weight watchers, slimming world, low carb, no carb etc etc etc How many […]