Fancy A Full English?

It’s Six nations time. I’m actually going up to Cardiff for the game tomorrow, we are meeting at a local cafe for breakfast and then heading up on the bus to the city. Come on Wales! Breakfast can be a controversial topic in the fitness world and is probably the meal I see the most […]

How To Finally Break Away From Your Carb Cravings

When I try to  teach people how to change their eating habits the main sticking point usually comes around one food group. You guessed it! CARBS Oh we do love carbs in the UK. Bread, biscuits, chocolate, pasta, potatoes, cake all of it! People genuinely believe that they can’t live without it. Did you know […]

10 Ways Of Cutting Back Your Processed Food Intake

Following up from my recent post regarding ‘healthy’ processed foods and ‘ultra’ processed foods I wanted to give you a bit of help by showing you how to move away from the ultra processed foods which makes up a lot of our diet. I mean we all have a bit of pizza, a curry, chips […]