Happy Halloween (Spooky Recipe)

Happy Halloween!! Just a quick one today as of course I’m spending the day trick or treating. So here’s a great Pumpkin Soup Recipe which we are going to be using tonight. Pumpkin is actually a nice healthy food but rarely used. Ingredients: 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 onion, chopped 1 tsp dried sage 2 […]

I Like To Spoil You (Weekend Treat)

Hey, How has your week gone? It’s been my first week back in work after a lovely weekend in the South of France. Admittedly I ate more bread and cheese than I have done all year but it was great! Brielliant even. It was nice to come home though and return to my normal exercise […]

It’s Ready (New Cookbook) & It’s On Offer!

I am excitedly typing away again today! This has been in the pipeline for a while and finally it’s ready. My NEW COOKBOOK, a healthy cookbook of course. It’s called: Eat Yourself To Health – 100 Recipes I love it and myself and clients who’ve had the first peak of it have been sampling a lot of […]