Fancy A Sweet Treat This Weekend?

I and most of my clients are most likely to go wrong on the weekend. Many people eat well in the week, everything is nice and structured but then when the free and open time of the weekend comes all hell breaks loose! Pizza, ice cream, chocolate, bread, bread, crisps and bread! Come Monday morning, feel […]

Sorry It’s Late (Healthy Pancake Recipe)

Hey there, I hate being late so I’m sorry I didn’t manage to get this email out yesterday it was a full day in work and I had to get a 10 mile run in in prep for next week’s Llanelli half marathon. So what I have today is a recipe for some healthy protein […]

Fish Friday

Yo yo! Glad to hear after Wednesday’s email that people are still resisting many of December’s temptations and staying on track. You don’t have to be too much of a saint this month but just don’t be a naughty little elf. So as I know that many of you still have your good health in […]