Did Someone Say Free Recipe?

It’s Friday and I’m feeling generous. So I thought I’d give you a little sample recipe from my upcoming cookbook ‘Eat Yourself To Health – 100 Recipes’ which will soon be launched. I did give out 15 free copies of the mini 21 day version earlier this week, as a few people missed out I […]

Happy Easter & A Healthy Creme Egg?

It’s Good Friday and I’ve got 4 sessions this morning and then I’m off until Tuesday which makes it a very good Friday indeed. After work I’m going to swing around the trees for a couple of hours at Go Ape margam with my girlfriend and then we are off to check out the new […]

Merry Christmas (Plus Fish Recipe)

Yo yo! Or should I say Ho Ho! We are now approaching Christmas and the final week of 2017, I really hope you have had a great year and 2018 shall be an even better one. I’m already excited and looking forward to the challenges I am setting myself for next year, plenty of new […]