Are You Prepared For Next Week?

Mondays are a very important day. It’s the day where everybody (rightly or wrongly) starts something. I’ve met up with clients on Tuesday and they have told me they’re going to start their new habit next Monday… which basically means they’re going to eat as much crap as possible for the rest of the week […]

Who Does This After A Bad Nights Sleep?

I was reading (another) interesting article the other day. It was about how a bad nights sleep affects your blood sugar levels, appetite and ultimately your weight. They monitored a group of people and make them stay up 3 hours later than their usual sleeping time. One participant said he was so hungry the next […]

That’s The Hammer

What a week! Another busy one at HQ, a few next clients who have been making some amazing progress in their first few weeks, plus keeping the long serving members on their toes and motivated. It’s been a good start to the year. It’s a bit later than planned but I’ve finally started working on […]