Don’t Fall Into The Trap Again

Hands up if you’ve failed to reach your new year resolutions in the past? Hands up if you set yourself the same goal every January. – Get fitter – Get healthier – Lose weight Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Every January the same people with the […]

What A Year!

Hey! I’m in a happy moody today (I am usually in a happy mood in all honesty) Wednesday we celebrated with our Christmas party. I think it’s the first time my clients and I have seen each other without workout clothes! Was a great night I handed out a couple of awards that night to […]

Positivity, Motivation & A Sense Of Accomplishment

Those are the words one of my clients Gareth used to describe how he feels after an early morning PT session. Are you a morning trainer or an evening? Exercising at whatever time is more important but I find personally the mornings are the best time to train. Morning exercisers can be: More productive during […]