The Most Successful People Do This

I’m pleased to say I have a massively diverse group of clients. People of different age, different exercise ability, different jobs and from different places. They all have different goals too which makes it so interesting for me. Over the last 6-12 months many of my clients have made some life changing changes, some new […]

Did I Stick To My Plan On Holiday?

Hey there, I got back from my holiday last weekend. It was an awesome week away doing relatively little, much needed. I wrote to you the morning before going about my plan to keep myself semi on track while away. I’ve seen some clients over the years come back from holiday a stone heavier and […]

My Holiday Plan

You have caught me on a good morning! I’ve got a nice strength session with client of 2016 H and then off to the gym for a session before heading off to the airport at 9am. I’ve got a week in Menorca with my family and girlfriend, man I need it! This year has been […]