How Much Progress Have You Made This Year?

Okay lets think back to January. After the big Christmas blowout many of you come January 1st or a week or two later once the christmas chocolates were finished will have started to look ahead to 2018. Doesn’t seem long ago does it? Well you know what thy say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ […]

Don’t Fall Into The Trap Again

Hands up if you’ve failed to reach your new year resolutions in the past? Hands up if you set yourself the same goal every January. – Get fitter – Get healthier – Lose weight Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Every January the same people with the […]

What A Year!

Hey! I’m in a happy moody today (I am usually in a happy mood in all honesty) Wednesday we celebrated with our Christmas party. I think it’s the first time my clients and I have seen each other without workout clothes! Was a great night I handed out a couple of awards that night to […]