10 Ways Of Increasing Your Daily Activity

it’s fair to say that in the UK the majority of us don’t move as much as we should. Exercise alone in terms of influencing weight loss isn’t that effective, but exercise has so many hundreds of benefits aside from weight loss. We are more overweight now than we were 50 years ago and back […]

Do You Do Something For Yourself Every Day?

In a fast paced world many of us out ourselves last. Which is definitely a little backwards if you ask me. We are so busy trying to cram everything into every day, looking after children, parents, friends, siblings, partners that there’s no time left for ourselves. Mums are especially good at this. It’s good to […]

Nearly 3 Stone Lighter

That’s what small group training client Wayne has achieved in 13 weeks. Pretty exceptional results. But the weight loss is just one aspect of it. Wayne started with me a few months ago in one of my Tuesday evening small group classes, I remember in his first message before coming he said that he had […]