Too Much Exercise Can Kill You

That was a news story which was shared with me earlier this week.
It was a pretty comprehensive study and found that people who exercise for more than 7 hours a week are at greater risk of heart disease.
Their arteries were found to be clogged up with dangerous plaque.
Not good!
What do I think about it?
I think it’s probably true but don’t necessarily agree with the story. I would say that ‘over exercisers’ are the minority compared to the people who sit on their ass most of the day.
I think that many of those ass sitters will see this headline and it to their list of their excuses to not exercise.
‘Exercise can kill you so I won’t do it’.
7/7.5 hours of exercise a week is a lot but how many of you know people who spends more than 2 hours in the gym? Do that 4 times a week and you’re into the danger territory of over exercising.
I have to be honest some weeks I train for more than that but that’s mainly due to training as an endurance runner.
If you aren’t a sports person and just want to get a bit fitter and lighter then exercising as much as possible really isn’t the answer.
There’s a much better way which I adopt at my studio.
Clients train for 2/3 x 45 min sessions a week plus some add 1-2 home workouts if needed
A maximum of 3 hours exercise a week
That doesn’t sound so bad right?
Also my clients get great results from doing less exercise than before, a good investment if you ask me.
If you want to make the first step towards being a member then you need to fill out this quick form, I can then get in touch and see if I can help you out. What’ve you got to lose?
Jamie Stedman
PS Just because it’s November doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year to start something

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