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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

Which Ones Have You Tried?

It seems that every other week there is a brand new miraculous wonderful diet coming out! You know the ones, the ones that promise you’ll lose 28 pounds in a month or some rubbish. There’s juice plus, herbalife, ketogenic, paleo, Cambridge, atkins, weight watchers, slimming world, low carb, no carb etc etc etc How many […]

3 Pronged Attack To Getting In Shape

Yo! What do we reckon then? The best 3 things to help get in shape. It’s not Herbalife, fat burners and a slendertone I’ll tell you that for free! (Put your money away) If you’re looking to improve your body shape to its full potential then you can’t do it through diet alone, you also […]

My Biggest Worry About Joining The Slimming Club

If you want a bit of inspiration to change then have a little read about what Marie has had to say since joining the slimming club. ‘My biggest worry about joining slimming club was the risk of wasting my time and money, I have an underactive thyroid and I didn’t think I’d be able to […]