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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

My ‘Overweight’ Client Jim

Howdy! If you’re a regular reader of my articles then you’ll have heard all about my clients that currently train with me at HQ in bynea. Jim has definitely had a few mentions this year (I went to his wedding in Amsterdam). You may recall me singing his praises and saying how fit and in shape […]

Q & A: Kettlebells, Muscle Building, The Best Time To Eat

Hey there, As it’s Friday and I’m finally moving into my new house today it’s going to be a quick fire blog post. I have plenty of packing and unpacking to do, nearly there though. Also delighted to say my new business office is set up which shall hopefully make me much more productive so […]

How Healthy Are You Out Of 10?

I’m talking all the time. Not just Monday-Thursday It seems like everyone who has a day or two of healthy eating deserves a treat or a ‘cheat day’, a dominoes pizza as a reward for a 20 min run or a slice of cake after attending a zumba class. Us humans (myself included) are a […]