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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

Happy V Day

Morning, Hope you aren’t in a pancake coma after pancake day yesterday, well it’s round 2 today. Valentines day! Double whammy! Plus this is sandwiched amongst the six nations campaign which inevitably means a few days on the lash! People have only just recovered from Christmas and it’s such a simple time to slip into […]

Are You Healthy (Quiz part 2)?

Wednesday’s email went down well. A few people replied proudly saying they scored 3-5 out of 5. Kudos! A couple replied with an embarrassing 0-1, but well done for being accountable. I also think by not hiding from the facts they will start to change their lifestyle. So if you want to avoid looking 20 […]

Are You Healthy (Quiz part 1)?

Who doesn’t like a quiz?? No money up for grabs today sorry, in fact something far better than that is! Drum roll….. It’s A Healthy Body Which = A Better Life That’s the bottom line, how you live your life now will be a reflection on your quality of life later on. Abuse your body now […]