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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

5 Things I’ve Done To Bring Me Back To Life

As I mentioned last Friday I was heading off to Cardiff on a stag weekend. Don’t get me wrong in my younger days I used to go out all the time, Friday and Saturday on the booze were a norm. In recent years though I’ve gone off it and only really go out on special […]

165.5 Hours

Hey there, I’ve got a busy morning of training clients then clocking off at 12:30 and heading up to Cardiff for a stag do for the weekend, you shall most likely be hearing from me next week saying how rubbish I’m feeling after it! I’m looking forward to the weekend though. Anyway…. 165.5? What’s that […]

She Said I Was Too Expensive

I had an enquiry a little while back. It was from a woman with a very ambitious goal who needed help. I have to be honest I can’t remember her name so we’ll call her Sharon. She was getting married in a few months time and wanted to lose 3-4 stone… Already I’m thinking waw that’s […]