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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

10 Ways Of Cutting Back Your Processed Food Intake

Following up from my recent post regarding ‘healthy’ processed foods and ‘ultra’ processed foods I wanted to give you a bit of help by showing you how to move away from the ultra processed foods which makes up a lot of our diet. I mean we all have a bit of pizza, a curry, chips […]

‘Healthy’ Processed Foods Vs Ultra Processed Foods

Jame Stedman vs Processed Foods Round 319…. Ding Ding But what is this in the title? Healthy processed foods? Surely not! Read on…. Okay so I haven’t had a change of heart and I’m not here to now promote healthy microwave meals, but I am going to hopefully offer a bit of help in clearing up […]

Three Pitfalls Of Dieting

Over the years of my article writing I could probably compile a list of 1000 reasons I’ve told you guys not to bother with diets! Yet I still see people day in day out (including my own clients) who yo-yo from one diet to the next. New ones sprout up fairly regularly which are usually […]