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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

3 ‘Tricks’ To Help You Lose A Little Timber

Summer is in full flow, I’ve seen clients come and go from holidays the last month or so. Some come back looking the same whereas others come back half a stone heavier, it’s the time of year. Come the end of August the summer will unfortunately be drawing to a close and people will start to […]

Come & Try A Class For Free

In 2016 I began taking on small groups to train. Previously I had been just working with people on a 1-1 basis or sometimes in pairs. I wanted to work with more people and test myself in a different day so started my small group sessions. It began with a couple of groups of 3 on […]

23 Lbs Off (And She Didn’t Even Join For Weight Loss)

January brought a lovely lady called Cath to my gym. She contacted me earlier in the year and told me that she’d recently gotten over a really bad back injury last year and wanted to start exercising again to strengthen the back. Cath after a major operation had been bed bound for months last year […]