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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

The January Doors Are Open (1 Space Left)

Good morning, So December is officially upon us. Probably the craziest month of the year, the month where some people write off doing anything remotely productive until the New Year. The month where some people who aren’t happy with their weight/shape decide that they’re going to put on another half a stone to a stone […]

Don’t Be A Slave To The Dreaded Scales (Sad Step)

I see this week in week out. With people at the gym, clients, slimming club members, friends and family. They get taken on an absolute roller coaster ride by their weighing scales. The scales make them feel happy one minute and like they’re doing well and then sad, disappointed and like a failure the next. […]

Habits Of My Successful Clients

I specialise in working with ladies over 30 and helping them reach their exercise,health and weight loss targets but they aren’t the only people I work with each week. I’m pleased to say I have a massively diverse group of clients. People of different age, different exercise ability, different jobs and from different places. They […]