5 lbs Off With This Quick Fix

I had an email yesterday from one of the ladies in my small group Revitalise program.
She has been going really well since starting 8 weeks ago and wanted to give me a bit more of an update.
She was someone who already had a reasonable level of fitness before starting, she also ate pretty well too.
Here’s what she had to say after her 5 lbs weight loss:
‘I do eat healthily, my downfall is wine! I’ve cut out coffee for the past 8 weeks, I don’t drink pop/fizzy drinks, I don’t like dairy products or spreads, so it’s quite obvious that it’s the alcohol that’s causing the problem’.
So many people don’t think what they drink booze/pop/fruit juice has an effect on their weight loss efforts.
It absolutely does, it’s not only the extra calories that these drinks bring it also changes our eating habits.
Hands up if you’ve ever had an uncontrollable craving for a salad after a few pints or glasses of wine???
Me neither.
What about bread, crisps, salty nuts, cheese?
Yep – that’s not even taking into account hangover eating!
What I advise members who like to drink regularly is to try and save it for the weekend, or just keep pushing it back a day.
I’ll have it tomorrow instead – many find they don’t fancy it the day after then.
Save it for celebrations and nice occasions rather than the norm.
Treats don’t always have to be food or drink related.
To find out more sneaky hints and tips and find an exercise program which is working for dozens of overs 40s around Llanelli then go here:
It’s got all the information you need about the Revitalise Plan which is going to be getting bigger and better again later this year.
Have a good week,
Jamie Stedman


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