A Few Foods To Flatten Your Stomach

How many of you know about testosterone?

If you do know a bit about it a few words probably come to mind:

Men, Weights, Bodybuilders, Muscles, Steroids

Am I right?

Well testosterone is a hormone, it is a lot higher in men but testosterone levels are actually important for women. So if you’re a lady reading this then you should read on.

Testosterone levels are extremely important to your health. Having healthy levels also increase your chances of getting and maintaining a lean physique, which we all want right?

Testosterone helps you:

  • Burn more fat
  • Stop muscle loss
  • Increase your sex drive
  • Improve bone density


Unfortunately and unsurprisingly a lot of people (men & women) suffer from low testosterone (Low T). The toxic world we live in certainly doesn’t help, even young adults in their 20s are suffering with low T.

There are certain foods that you can eat which will help you to increase your testosterone levels in a healthy way. This will therefore help you get that kick ass body and flat tummy you’ve always wanted.

So for you today I have a list of 5 high fat health foods which will lead to an increase in your fat burning hormones. Bringing you another step closer to your ideal body!

1. Coconut Oil

I first tried this earlier in the year and it’s great! Everybody should be using a bit of this in their cooking. Gives a delicious but not overpowering taste and smell when used to cook stir fry’s, omelettes and anything you fancy really. It is a 100% friendly fat, contains no carbs, cholesterol, sodium or protein. Due to their molecular structure the body can use the fats from coconut oil; quickly and then burn them off.

Other benefits of coconut oil are that it boosts testosterone levels (like all of the foods in this list) and increase metabolic rate. I’m not a hot drink drinker but I read a tablespoon of it with a cup of coffee is nice.

You can pick this up online or from most supermarkets in the healthy food section, it is a little expensive but it lasts a good while. Aim to have 1-2 tablespoons a day.

2. Free Range Eggs

Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol means eggs are a great healthy choice. That’s yolks as well, get as much goodness and flavour out of the egg by eating it all (apart from the shell). Also go for free range eggs as they are better quality. Boil them, poach them, scramble them, make an omelette they’re all good. Try to avoid frying them though.

3. Brazil Nuts

A fantastic source of selenium which aids Testosterone production. As with all of these foods remember to consume in moderation. Stick to 5-8 Brazil nuts a day. They’re also a good source of magnesium, copper, calcium and phosphorus. Although more expensive try and get the raw Brazil nuts if you can as they’re even better for you.

BTW if they’re covered in chocolate they aren’t as good 😉 !

4. Grass Fed Beef

You can’t beat a good bit of beef, especially here in Wales.

Grass fed beef is some of the healthiest meat around. The quality of life and the food the cows are fed have a big impact on the quality of meat they provide. Cows are supposed to live naturally and eat grass rather than corn and grains. The grass it eats means it has higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, healthy cholesterol, antioxidants and selenium.

5. Grass Fed Butter

Hopefully you all know now that butter is healthy and margarine is highly processed and unhealthy. High quality butter from our good friends mentioned above, the grass fed cows are a simple way of getting some testosterone boosting healthy fats into your diet.

Quality butter is rich in vitamins, minerals and health saturated and unsaturated fats. Cook your delicious grass fed beef burgers with a little bit of grass fed butter and you’ve got yourself a taste sensation!

So eating these foods in MODERATION will help boost your energy levels, keep your metabolism firing, burn fat, increase muscle and even boost your sex drive! Not bad for eating some tasty foods!

So remember not to go binging on these and you’ll be fine, just work them in around some of your other healthy foods.

There is a lot more to weight loss than calories in vs calories out. Your hormones are one of the things that can have a big effect on your weight loss attempts so it is vital from a weight loss as well as a health perspective to make sure your hormone levels are healthy.

Take care,

Jamie Stedman

Personal Trainer Llanelli

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