A Small Favour

I’m after a little favour.

A big part of my business I get from the internet.

I put a lot of work into my website and keeping the content new and fresh.

There’s a company called Check A Trainer, it’s basically like the yellow pages of the fitness world.
It’s a big directory of personal trainers and fitness experts, it only lets certain people who have been thoroughly checked onto their register (which is good).

To have a good image on here you need reviews.

If I’ve helped you in any way whether it’s through one-one training, group session, you’ve attended my fitness classes or even been inspired and taught through my emails or on social media could you (pretty) please leave me a review on this site.

It’ll take no more than a minute or two and will really help me and my business to grow.


A few of my clients have already got the ball rolling with 6 or 7 reviews which is great!

You just need to click on give feedback at the top and type in my name to do it.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


PS Here’s that link again


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