Amsterdam Marathon

Morning folks!

How y’all doing?

I’m writing this email in bed with some serious aching legs after Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday, pleased to say despite a rocky start it all went well and I smashed my target time!

There was about 12-13,000 runners on the day. We were packed in like Sardines in the Olympic stadium, eventually when we got started and the race begun it began to spread out a little.

The first hour consisted of a quick roadside toilet break, being a little sick, my headphone batteries dying, watch losing GPS and dropping my much needed energy gel.

Definitely felt it wasn’t going to be my day!

I was running a few yards, getting stuck in a crowd…

Overtaking them

Then getting stuck behind some more runners


etc etc

This went on and on in the race and definitely slowed me down a fair bit.

I know a lot of you aren’t interested in running so why am I telling you this?

Well my friends this can be related to your attempts at (insert goal)..

It’s all about momentum.

I didn’t achieve my maximum as it was so stop start, I was going okay then slowing, then starting again continuously and it slowed me down and drained my energy.

For many people trying to lose weight it’s the same old story.
– Eat healthy for a couple of days
– Has a social engagement/weekend/night out and eat crap/drink loads
– Takes a few days to get over it
– Starts again Monday and the cycle begins again

This goes on for weeks, months and even years!

With my systems I can show you the simplest ways to overcome these problems without it having a massive effect on your life and enjoyment.

If you want to learn how to build some serious momentum to overcome these little obstacles and get the results you deserve then look no further:

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Catch you Friday for another story from my Amsterdam trip!



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