Another One In The Bag

All businesses are the same and in order to succeed you need to keep developing and stay ahead of the game.
The fitness industry is no different and it’s forever changing.
Did you know in 6 weeks you can become a fully qualified personal trainer? It’s quite an appealing job for many so this means so many new trainers are getting qualified each week. Which is sort of a good thing, not just from a personal competition perspective but from a quality of service perspective.
6 weeks is a short time to learn a trade! You can never exercised before but if you pass your course you can be in the job training people 6 weeks later.
I’ve been doing it for 4 and a half years so far and still feel new (which I love!), I made sure that at every point so far in my career and going forward I’m working towards a new qualification.
Last week I got the latest one:
‘Level 4 Certificate In Exercise Training For Chronic Respiratory Disease’
Level 4 is right up there as a qualification, it’s for working with specific unique client groups which I can now do. Alongside this qualification I have a level 4 one in Cardiac rehabilitation too.
Admittedly most of my clients haven’t got heart or pulmonary conditions but it means that I’m fully qualified to deal with it and it massively enhances my awareness of the human body. Asthma is a debilitating pulmonary disease which a few of my clients do have.
Sadly in today’s world heart and pulmonary conditions are becoming more and more common, one of the best ways to prevent it as well as to recover?
So I see it being very handy in the future.
My next level 4 qualification is reaching it’s conclusion which is in Cancer rehabilitation then I’m on the lookout for the next.
Remember we only get one shot at this life (depending on your religious beliefs) so let’s try and be the best we can.
Whether it’s at work or every day life it’s never too late to improve or develop.
How much would your life improve if you got that big promotion you don’t have the confidence to go for, or how much would your life improve if you lost 2 stone? How much would you enjoy your retirement more if you got a bit fitter?
What’s your goal, what are you going to do? Let me know I’d love to hear.
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
PS I can’t personally help with you getting that promotion but if being more energetic, fitter and healthier will increase your chances and quality of life then click reply and say ‘more info’ and I’ll take care of the rest.


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