Are You Protein Mad?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that protein is ‘IN’ at the moment.
I would say we are a lot more aware of what we’re eating and there is a big focus on food and what’s healthy and what’s not (This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone hence the obesity crisis).
I’ve noticed over the last few years certain foods go from being ‘good’ to ‘bad’. They’re in one minute as a superfood and then out the next. 
The last couple of years I’ve noticed moreso how fashionable protein has become, it seems every Tom, Liz & Barry are having a protein shake after their workout.
If you ask them why I wonder what they’d tell you.
The clever big food companies are jumping on the lucrative protein bandwagon too:
– Protein weetabix
– Protein yoghurts
– Protein pasta
– Protein ice cream
– Protein granola
– Protein mars bars!
Thank heavens! We can now eat all of the above, due to their high protein content they’re automatically a healthy choice right??? Not quite!
Your 3 food sources are fats, carbs and proteins. Your proportions of these macro nutrients dictate your weight and body shape.
I recommend a high protein, high fat and low/moderate (depending on activity) carb intake if you’re trying to lose weight.
So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat protein, it’s crucial to being fit and healthy. What I’m trying to do is warn people of the protein hype and to stop people from spending their hard earned cash on protein products which aren’t needed.
Just to get things clear a protein mars bar is still a sugar packed mars bar.
Protein weetabix isn’t too much more nutritious now there is added protein.
There’s only so much protein you can actually absorb, people are actually pissing their money away when they pack in 150, 200 even 300g of protein a day. That’s too much for the body and it puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys.
Protein, especially high animal protein can be very tough to digest
Bonus tip: If you eat a lot of animal protein try to eat it with raw foods (veggies) to make it easier to digest.
You should aim to be eating protein 2 maybe 3 times a day on most days for best results.
If you’re doing that then most of you don’t need your shakes or protein bars or any of the above. If you’re training for weight lifting/body building or any high intense sport your needs will be different and there is a place for your supplements then. But if you’re just looking to look a bit better and shift a bit of fat then I would save your money.
Protein from foods not shakes should be the priority, also the healthiest way.
50-70g a day is a sensible amount and should come from a mix of meat, eggs, fish, beans, legumes, rice, nuts and vegetables.
To watch an interesting video on protein culture check this out:
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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