Buying My First House

I’m getting on a bit now (27 later this year!! :-0)
So I’m begrudgingly accepting I’m becoming a grown up and alongside my girlfriend have decided to buy a house.
What a bloody palava that is!
Since January has hit the house hunting has taken over.
First step looking for a mortgage and seeing what money we had to play with
Then it’s house viewings, more house viewings, finding a mortgage advisor, house viewings…
A couple of weeks ago we found one which just felt right and have had an offer accepted on it
Fingers crossed it’ll all go smoothly!!
People said it was stressful but I had no idea
Dealing with solicitors, banks, advisors, estate agents, sellers and many more
(I know most of you all know and have gone through it yourself)
Admittedly I’ve felt out of my comfort zone, I’ve felt a bit uncomfortable going into solicitors, dealing with estate agents and dealing with the bank.
I’m a bit of a novice and it was all a bit daunting to me dealing with all of the experts
I know this is how people feel coming into the gym for the first time or wanting to start getting a bit healthier
Surrounded by experts (or self proclaimed ones)
Walking through a gym full of beefed up guys in vests taking mirror selfies or women in tight lycra with the body you dream of is extremely uncomfortable
It’s easy to feel overawed
Luckily I was told to go to a mortgage advisor who has sort of held my hand through it all and made everything feel a bit less daunting
I think everybody needs a bit of hand holding to start with, just until they build up enough confidence to fly the nest and go it alone
If you want someone to hold your hand and show you:
– What exercises are best for YOU
– What type of foods will help you to get into the best shape
– That you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to improve
– How you can eat more food than you’ve done in the past and be in better shape
– How to improve your sleep
– How to increase your energy levels
The list goes on…..
Then get some help from an expert
This health and fitness business can seem incredibly complicated sometimes, you just need someone to show you how to do it the easy way.
Click reply and drop me a message saying what you need help with and I can point you in the right direction (prices start from just £25 a month)
Jamie ‘Hand Holder’ Stedman
PS I’m looking for one more lady aged between 25-40 to join a small group training group. The other ladies in the group work shifts so the times would be flexible. It’s 1-2 times a week for 12 weeks initially at £10 a session. Click reply if you want to join or just find out more.
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