My Great North Run Experience

So as I mentioned last week I was heading up to Newcastle on the weekend to compete in the Great North Run. I had a load of good luck messages so wanted to let you know how I got on. It was a bit of an up and down race! That both referred to the […]

10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Quick fire email. How many of these are you guilty of? All 10 of these if done too often can stop you from losing weight. 1. Over Treating – Not every workout or task deserves a treat. If you’ve walked half an hour you don’t need a dessert as a reward for it! 2. Not […]

I’m Heading North!

As you probably know I like to dabble with a bit of long distance running. I’ve found with my training and due to my competitive nature with myself that I always have and think always will need a sport/competition to really focus on my training. It’s the same with my clients, those training with a […]