8 Tips For Fast Fat Loss

Okay ladies and gents. It’s Friday so just a quickie today, some quick actionable stuff you can use to help boost your fat loss results over the next few weeks before party season is here! Here goes: 1. Drink – Water that is! Not gin and beer. Loads of the stuff. 2-3 litres you should […]

Children Should Be Weighted Up To The Age Of 18

In my scouting around the internet this week another interesting (and not surprising) article came to my attention. It was regarding childhood obesity. This particular report was based around results from England but I imagine Wales is very similar in its outcomes too. Currently in English primary school children¬†are regularly weighed/measured up to the age […]

A Solero A Day And Still Losing Weight

Hello hello, Small group training member Shelly has been training with me over a year. Shelly has always been pretty active and attends one session with me and spends the rest of her training time at a local gym. She recently sent me a message which inflated my ego and I don’t mind sharing with […]