Don’t Be A Slave To The Dreaded Scales (Sad Step)

I see this week in week out. With people at the gym, clients, slimming club members, friends and family. They get taken on an absolute roller coaster ride by their weighing scales. The scales make them feel happy one minute and like they’re doing well and then sad, disappointed and like a failure the next. […]

The Negatives Of Getting Healthier & Losing Weight

Hey! What do you think about this, any ideas? You’d think I wouldn’t want to be advertising the drawbacks, it’s bad for business!  All will be revealed. I know full well that all this getting healthy and losing weight malarkey isn’t everyone’s cup of green tea. If it was then we wouldn’t have an obesity and health crisis […]

5 Ways To Help You Stop Eating Junk Food

Yo yo yo! How you all doing today? There are scary stats coming out about the state of our nation, we are fatter than ever. Much fatter! The constant supply of nutritionally empty and sugar packed junk is making us fat and lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I eat my fair share of junk but […]