The Negatives Of Getting Healthier & Losing Weight

Hey! What do you think about this, any ideas? You’d think I wouldn’t want to be advertising the drawbacks, it’s bad for business!  All will be revealed. I know full well that all this getting healthy and losing weight malarkey isn’t everyone’s cup of green tea. If it was then we wouldn’t have an obesity and health crisis […]

5 Quick Tips To Make Your Exercise Sessions Fun

When I meet people who plan to get started exercising with me one of the major reasons for them coming to me is because they’re BORED. Their current/previous exercise routine bored the hell out of them and they’re ready to try something new. One thing I pride myself on is my interesting workouts, clients love […]

Do I Really Need A Gym Membership? (Home Workout To Try)

I’ve said many times in the past that I think that gym memberships are one of the best value for money investments that you can make. IF YOU GO If you don’t go, these gyms aren’t going to chase you (unlike I do with my clients ;-)) plus you’re wasting your money,no matter how cheap […]