1 Piece Of Kit, A Whole Lot Of Muscles Worked

In today’s short article I wanted to tell you about one cheap, easy to use and damn effective exercise kit you could all benefit from…. The RESISTANCE BAND Many people may think that’s just for women in fitness classes with an easy resistance. You’re very wrong! Resistance bands can serve a purpose in I think […]

What To Eat Before You Exercise

Not so long ago I did an article about what you should be eating after exercise, if you didn’t catch it click here. In that article I discussed how crucial it was to refuel your body with good food and drink after the exertions of the exercise session, this in turns allows the body to […]

What To Eat After Exercise

The post workout meal… very important! If you don’t get it right it is possible to undo a lot of your hard work from the training you just completed.  Obviously you’ll still get the fitness benefits and positive mental benefits from completing a workout but if you don’t fuel up yourself properly afterwards then your […]