How I Roll

It’s safe to say that since I began working in the fitness industry I’ve come across a few crocks! I’ve had some people come to me with less flexibility than a piece of wood! As you probably know I do sports massage so the other string to my bow is easing muscular tension and injury […]

Are You A Little Bit Broken?

As you may or may not know as well as offering personal training services at my studio in bynea I help to put people back together via sports massage. Sports massage or deep tissue massage isn’t just for people who play sports or have a specific injury. I can pretty much guarantee that every one […]

How To Strengthen Your Lower Back – Part 3

Okay third and final part of the lower back pain series. If you missed the first two then click below: Part 1 – Causes & Symptoms Part 2 – How To Stretch Your Lower Back Okay so as promised I’m going to give you some exercises to help strengthen your lower back and also your […]