5 Essential Nutrients (Do You Get Enough?)

After 7 years in the fitness industry I’m not so easily shocked anymore. In fairness the people I work with are at least trying to do something about their health. Others which I know and see are so far away from even that. Some people’s diets are appalling. I still experience people who when asked […]

Our Weekend Of Cooking

How often do you eat out? When I was younger eating out used to be a real treat. Now it seems the norm. Every occasion calls for it: – Celebrating – Commiserating – Boredom There’s so many restaurants to choose from and tempt us. One positive is there are many more healthy options when eating […]

Is Eating Making You Hungrier?

Hey, Today I’m talking about food (again)!! Do you feel hungry all the time?? If you do then this short post may help. I take you back to last week when I was reading over a food diary one of my clients completed. They said to me ‘I feel hungry all the time’ This client […]