Why I Have A Problem With The (Fake) Social Media World

The world we living is changing all the time. It’s changing so fast too. I mean I know I’m only 28 but the last 15 years alone has seen such massive changes. ENTER new technology, new influences. We live in a world where it’s a crisis is Facebook goes down for an hour or it’s […]

What Do You Want To Read About?

Happy Friday! Every now and then I like to have a nice big look at my business. Evaluate what is working well and what is working not quite so well. I really love blogging. I set myself a challenge about 18 months ago of writing to you fresh content every Wednesday and Friday and I’m […]

Are You Prepared For Next Week?

Mondays are a very important day. It’s the day where everybody (rightly or wrongly) starts something. I’ve met up with clients on Tuesday and they have told me they’re going to start their new habit next Monday… which basically means they’re going to eat as much crap as possible for the rest of the week […]