Even Clothes Shopping Is Fun Now!

Here’s another superstar client story from the archives for you today. This lady Donna has been one of the most important client’s I have been lucky enough to work with. She actually won Client of the Year in 2018! She’s a little celeb in our circle. She’s living proof of how by putting yourself first […]

Fit At Fifty, The Gym Filled Her With Fear

January brought another inspiring lady through my doors at the gym. Mel and her friend started training with me in January, Mel had never done anything like this before and just wanted to give it a go. She’s a normal person, busy mum, busy work life, dogs to walk and an even busier social life.  […]

2019’s Biggest Success Story So Far

2019 has been a good year in and out of work for me. I’m one of the lucky ones as I can say I genuinely do enjoy my life, I always have things to look forward to while hopefully not spending my life counting down to things. One big reason why I enjoy my life […]