Catrin Simon

Name: Catrin Simon      Age: 40

From: Llanelli               Package: 6 Week Body Boost 


  • Run a quicker half marathon time
  • Lose a few pounds
  • A leaner physique 



Week 1 Week 6 Results
Weight (kg) 50.5 48 -2.5
Body Fat % 21.70% 15.20% -6.50%
Girth Cm:
Upper Arm 26 25 -1
Waist 72 72 0
Hips 84 81 -3
Thigh 45 44 -1
Calf 32 33 +1
Total -4cm
Fitness Tests 
Bleep Test 6 7.2 +1.2
Press Ups Max 7 17 +10
Burpees in 1 Minute 17 26 +9
Squats in 1 Minute 33 43 +10
Plank Hold 120s 180s +60s

What Catrin Had To Say:

My husband bought me a six-week block of personal training sessions with Jamie for my 40th birthday and it was one of the best gifts I’ve had! Jamie is very positive, friendly, organised, and methodical, and always made sure that the sessions were varied and challenging, as well as being suited to my aims and abilities.

I wanted to improve my half-marathon time and also find ways of training more efficiently. I achieved a personal best in the Cardiff half-marathon a few weeks ago, and I am now more confident in using new exercises and equipment, which give me a better range of workouts.

I would definitely recommend Jamie if you’re looking for a personal trainer who is encouraging and supportive, without being in your face!


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