Don’t Be A Slave To The Dreaded Scales (Sad Step)

I see this week in week out.
With people at the gym, clients, slimming club members, friends and family.
They get taken on an absolute roller coaster ride by their weighing scales.
The scales make them feel happy one minute and like they’re doing well and then sad, disappointed and like a failure the next.
My advice – don’t obsess over the scales
Your bodyweight is ONE measure of your progress not the ONLY measure
Your weight can fluctuate hour by hour due to things like:
– Time of day
– Hydration level
– Last trip to the toilet
– Last meal
And many more factors.
It goes up and down all the time which is why you can’t obsess over it.
I’ve had clients in the past say to me ‘What was the point’ – referring to their exercise and healthy eating efforts over the last week after seeing one pound increase on the scales.
This is despite just telling me they’re sleeping better, have more energy, feel better in their clothes and have more self confidence.
Our crooked thinking makes people forget that as soon as they see a little number on a screen.
We are mad!!
These are the things you should measure to test your success (along with weight if you want to):
– Body fat percentageĀ 
– Inches lost from the body (use a tape measure or skin calipers)
– Before and after photos
– If you’re sleeping betterĀ 
– If you’re less prone to illness
– If you have more energyĀ 
– If you have increased confidence
– If you’re more productive
Those things mean a heckĀ of a lot more than your weighing square!
Measure those and focus on them.
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Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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