Easter Warning

2018 is now in full flow.
We had the what seemed at times never ending January.
That’s done and now we’re gathering speed.
Every couple of weeks it seems is a new opportunity for us budding health people to potentially slip up and fall off tracks from our goals.
I saw a few people fall at the first hurdle:
– pancake day
Then a couple more the day after (Valentine’s day)
Then bring on the 6 nations. 5 matches over 8 weeks all with the opportunity to get p****d
That is now over (Well done Wales :-D)
So up next is Easter, our first bank holiday weekend and potentially 4 whole days off for many. This is dangerous enough for some people’s goals let alone the fact it’s a chocolate eating holiday!
Am I going to be Mr boring and tell you to lock yourself in for a few days munching celery? Definitely not.
I want you to go out and enjoy it, especially if you’ve got some extra time off just like I’m planning to do.
Unfortunately though times like this can cause you to slip back on your goals.
Being overweight or unhealthy leaves many people I know feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, low self esteem, unhappy, unconfident and much more.
People feel like this up to 24 hours a day, the vicious circle of this is we turn to food to ‘help’ us combat these feelings, which then leads to weight gain and more feelings of above.
Being fit and healthy gives you much more satisfaction than the foods we turn to. They offer a few minutes of pleasure followed by feelings of guilt and unhappiness for a lot of people.
What’s the right thing to do?
Get the balance.
If you can follow a healthy regime of exercise (2-5 times a week from walking to gym) plus eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (4-7 times a week) then you can literally have your cake and eat it.
It’s a week until good Friday so get planning for a nice weekend with families and friends but concentrate on being nice and healthy throughout the week and the meals you’re home for over the Easter period. You’ve then given yourself a bit of breathing space to let your hair down and have an Easter egg or whatever you fancy.
This is balance and this is what can keep you on track with a healthy lifestyle LONG TERM.
Yes if you ate like a saint all the time you’d get to your goals quicker but how long can you keep it up? I know I couldn’t.
Get Your Balance Right
I’ve managed to successfully balance many Llanelli residents over the past 6 years, if you want a bit of help like many other people do then fill out this form:
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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