Habits Of My Successful Clients

I specialise in working with ladies over 30 and helping them reach their exercise,health and weight loss targets but they aren’t the only people I work with each week.
I’m pleased to say I have a massively diverse group of clients.
People of different age, different exercise ability, different jobs and from different places.
They all have different goals too which makes it so interesting for me.
Over the last 6-12 months many of my clients have made some life changing changes, some new clients are just about to start to do so.
Not everyone I work with gets to where they want to be, many over the years have fallen by the wayside or enjoyed the training but just not seen the results.
Exercise can often be the easy bit, that’s when they’re with me. The hard part is¬†sticking to the plan and a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym.
That’s why as a trainer I try not to just limit myself to seeing and speaking to clients in training and then leaving them to it on their own, all of these extra bits are included in my signature monthly membership which has so far yielded some awesome results.
The best and most successful clients all have a plan.
They plan their workouts in with me and the ones they do in their own time and they stick to them. They very rarely miss a session.
They have a well stocked kitchen with all of the good foods needed to stay on track and have foods available for when they’re¬†rushing (rather than a sandwich or take away)
They prep their food in advance and they plan what they’re going to eat
It may sound a little boring all of this food planning business but if you could just commit an extra 4 hours in a 168 hour week to doing some exercise and planning, prepping and cooking your meals it could be the difference between being healthy and unhealthy, fat or skinny, weak or strong and even happy and unhealthy (and ultimately dead or alive). Your choice. 
If you want to see results such as Paul who has lost over 4 stone last year (despite being moved to America recently with his job), or maybe H who has completely transformed his shape and health, or Cath, Nicola and Caroline who have lost over 7 stone between them this year then get in touch.
Just reply to this message and say you’re interested and I’ll get back to you with the next steps.
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
PS just so you know my small group training classes run every morning (starting from 6am) and evening during the week (latest session 7:30pm) so there’s time for everyone to get some good quality training in guided by a qualified personal trainer.


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