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Welcome to our Hall Of Fame


This is a collection of our most impressive results that our ladies have achieved since becoming a member of Fitter Body Ladies Llanelli.


Getting included on our Hall of Fame is a massive achievement for these ladies and is a great way of documenting their success forever.


Things to note when viewing these results:

  1. Weight loss only shows part of the story, It’s not all about what the scales say. Some of the biggest transformations can be in lifestyle and mine which isn’t reflected on the scales.
  2. Not all results are documented. Some ladies prefer to keep their results private.


There are a few different categories for each year including:

  • Client of the year (our most prestigious award)
  • Transformation of the year (the biggest change over the course of the year)
  • 1 stone club (ladies who have lost a stone or more)
  • Best results from 6 week or 28 day introduction program
  • Other notable 12 Month success stories





Client Of The Year

Huge congratulations to Tracey Renshaw


Transformation Of The Year

Massive well done to Sarah Reardon, what a massive achievement and an amazing difference.


January 2020

Weight 77.2kg

Dress Size 14


September 2020

Weight 60kg

Dress size 8


39 lbs down!!

‘Training at FBL under Jamie’s guidance has been the best decision I have made in the last 10 years without a doubt.

It has given me back a positive look on everything, I didn’t even realise how negative I had become, not just about myself personally but generally in life.

I feel so much like my ‘old self’ sounds cliche I know but I really can’t express how good I feel ???? physically and mentally.

Seeing physical results is great and has been a massive boost, but it’s just a start, I have learnt it’s ok to be a little selfish and do something for yourself, and to put yourself first for a change. That was probably the biggest challenge, but once I accepted that, things began to come together. I was going to and still am going to do this for me, myself and I!

Routine has been the most crucial feature for me achieving and smashing my goals for a healthy lifestyle.

And knowing the help and advice is on hand when ever it’s needed by Jamie and his team is so reassuring.’



12 Month Results

 Catherine Barber, huge well done and what a difference in strength and fitness!

Rhian Henry, unbelievable results from you and one of our hardest working members!

Debbie Dainton & Mel Williams

250 sessions each!

Massive increase in fitness as well as some weight loss to go with it!











 Nia Evans, Alex Jones & Debbie Jones also 250 sessions each!!!











Rachel Dawson

Well done and what a great change in body shape!


Terry Bayliss (update now over 30 pounds weight loss!)


1 Stone Club

 Emma Seward


Susan Bowen


Best Introduction Program Results

 Sian Jenkins


Gillian Daniel


Kirsty Harris


Emma Rees



Client Of The Year

Catherine Leaf

‘I joined Jamie initially to help me regain some strength, and a level of fitness that would enable me to regain a sense of normality in my life, following a long period of spinal and sciatic issues, which resulting in surgery in July 2018. I followed all the consultants’ advice, swimming and walking, but I just felt it was not enough, as I still struggled with weakness in my leg and back.

In January 2019, I decided I had to do something to get stronger, but was unsure what to do for the best. If I joined a gym, how would I know I was doing the correct exercise and techniques to get the results I needed, without causing any further injury. Eventually after a few weeks of insecurities, I completed Jamie’s form and sent it, still unsure if I was doing the right thing.

Jamie contacted me within the day and we arranged a session to discuss all my concerns and work out a programme. I chose his 1-1 training, as with little confidence in myself, I needed that individual support at that time.  Training with Jamie has been fun and enjoyable, it has not been easy, as he does push you, but he always encourages and makes you feel like you can do it.  I never thought I would actually enjoy it and would still be going.

Now 6 months later and looking back to where I was at the beginning of the year, I know it is a clique, but “I feel like a different person”, and have achieved so much more than just regaining my strength. I have more confidence and are happier in both my work and personal life. I have lost some weight, (with Jamie`s guidance), and can fit into some of those clothes that have not seen the daylight for a number of years. I have more energy and the strength to do all the things and more, I did before my injury.

With Jamie’s encouragement and knowledge, I can honestly say, It has totally changed my life for the better, and I am so glad now that I completed his form, and that I actually pressed the send button. I do not hesitate to encourage anyone and everyone looking for a personal trainer, for whatever their reason, heath, fitness, weight loss, etc. to contact Jamie.’


Transformation Of The Year

 Nicola Williams

‘I was heading towards 50 feeling very low, weighing in at over 21 stone and I had type2 diabetes. Not a good place to be. I saw Jamie’s post on Facebook in May 2018. I filled in the online questionnaire on a whim. I can wholeheartedly say it was the best thing I could have done. I train in a small group session with some lovely ladies. Jamie has tailored a class that suits our individual needs and abilities. I am currently several stone down, my diabetes is under control and I feel myself getting stronger and more able. Filling in that questionnaire is most definitely the best thing I could have done.’

– Nicola Williams

12 Month Results

Diane Phillips

‘I have been training with Jamie for 8 weeks and already I have seen such a difference. My energy levels have increased and I feel so much better, I am steadily losing weight, my body fat percentage is going down and I can see my shape changing, I really enjoy the workouts, they are always varied and you can work to your own limits. I would recommend the sessions to everyone.’


1 Stone Club

Hilary Marks


Eleanor Thomas



Client Of The Year

Donna Williams

‘I have been training with Jamie for 16 months now.

The sessions are varied with funny chats, and makes exercise enjoyable. No judgements and excellent guidance.

I have tried several gyms and various half-hearted efforts to get fit. I would admit that I found exercise extremely boring.

Finding myself in constant severe knee pain, gaining weight and feeling generally fed up of low energy levels was not the way I wanted my 50’s to be going.

When feeling so low, I dug deep to find some courage to start training with Jamie. At first I did not tell anyone. I think it was the fear of failing but with Jamie’s encouragement I found it all helping. This decision to start improving my physical fitness has had a significant impact on all areas of my life.

For example: Recently, I got up Pen-Y-Fan with absolutely no pain and losing 35 pounds in weight really does help with challenges.

Being out of pain is everything and this has given me a sense of immense gratitude and appreciation that I can now move my body.

Jamie’s individual guidance and commitment to all his clients is exceptional and I would highly recommend taking that step forward. If Jamie can help me to find joy in exercise, he can help anyone.

PS Not the most important thing in life, but clothes shopping is much more fun.’


Transformation Of The Year

 Gloria Edwards



12 Month Results

Lynda Bowen

1 Stone Club

Katie White

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