Happy New Year (Help Is Here)

Hope you’ve got over the hangover!
I know it always takes a few days after New Years to start feeling alive again!
Too much booze, bread, cake and chocolate!
Hopefully the advice I gave you last week helped.
It was good to see a few of you signed up to the 3 day detox to get your New Year off to a good start.
A few of you asked about a full detox and how to do that.
Lucky for you I’ve got you covered!
14 Day Detox Course 
Do you want to retake control of your health in just 14 Days?
For just £19.99 you can:
– Lose weight
– Change your body shape
– Remove harmful toxins from your body
– Reduce bloating
– Improve energy levels
-Increase concentration levels
– Make yourself less prone to illness
And more.
Through my 14 Day Detox Course you will:
– Be guided through the reasons behind a detox and all of its benefits
– Be sent daily emails with advice on what you need to do that day
– Be given 2 x 7 day meal plans containing all of your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks each day
– Get advice on exercise
– Get advice on carbohydrate control
– Learn loads of tasty healthy detox recipes which you can eat all year round
– Learn how to feel good about yourself again
– Learn strategies to help combat illness, increase sleep and energy levels
– Learn a long term solution to keeping the weight off for good and be able to feel great every single day.
Yep all of that for just £19.99. The cost of a t-shirt or a meal out.
Here is the link to pay
Don’t leave things another couple of week and get cracking.
Jamie Stedman
PS If you’re thinking a little longer term than 14 days away and you want to make some long term sustainable changed this year then click below:


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