HIIT Home Workout To Try

Good morning!
Just a quick email today.
It’s been a bit crazy this week (year also).
Last weekend I began my level 4 qualification in strength and conditioning as well as my Olympic weight lifting qualification.
Spent an awesome 2 days up in Cardiff for the practical workshop, it’s now onto the intense 12 weeks of home learning before I return for my exam and final assessment.
I have a 12 week case study to plan and carry out on an athlete as well as keeping up to date with the weekly modules, so it’s going to be a bit of a balancing act to add this into my already busy weekly routine.
But I do like a challenge!
During busy times I ensure to avoid any potential burnout that I:
– Eat good quality healthy meals (I’ve got an armoury of quick and healthy meals for when I have less time to cook)
– Do food prep to make the above easier
– Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
– Go to bed at a reasonable time 
– Stop looking at my phone after I’ve finished work for the evening
Even if I can’t commit my usual time to exercise I make sure I do something.
If you’re going through a really busy spell please please please try and do as many of the above as possible to keep you going.
I’ll sneak in a workout at home if that’s all time allows like this one:
– High knees sprints/run
– Press ups (slow and controlled chest to floor)
– Mountain climbers
– Squats with optional jump
– Chest to floor burpees (you can do squat and arm raise if you can’t do these)
– Press ups with shoulder tap
– V sits / v sit hold
– Side plank (left then right)
60s of each and perform 2 rounds, as many reps with good form as you can.
All done in less than 20 mins and you’ll feel great after it (well maybe an hour after it)
Back to work!
Have a good weekend,
PS Still spaces available in my healthy eating seminar held in Bynea Saturday 10th 10:30am, hit reply if you’d like to attend.
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