I Failed 14 Times

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It’s Wednesday which means I get to talk to you about all things exercise, diet, health or whatever I fancy really.

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As I mentioned last Friday I was attempting surfing for the first time on the weekend.

I went to Porthcawl and had a lesson with the very professional Surf School there, they were great!

The weather was a bit wild but I got to be honest I loved it!

It was tough, by the end of it I was trying to stand up:

– Attempt 1 (missed the wave)
– Attempt 2 (fell off)
– Attempt 3 (fell off)
– Attempt 4 (got my knee on but …. fell off)
– Attempt 5 (fell off (got the bruise to prove it)
– Attempt 15 STOOD UP (and then fell off)

Why am I telling you this?

There’s always a lesson to be learned.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried in the past to get fit, lose weight whatever it may be,


If all of this health malarkey was easy we’d all be fit and well, but it isn’t.

It does take a little work but it doesn’t have to take over your life.

Try and try again until you get it right.

What I do with my clients is show them the easy way to stay fit and healthy without sacrificing all of their time and fun.

Sound good?

If you’re interested go here:


Jamie Stedman

PS Announcement coming soon about the new slimming club.

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