It Begins Tonight


I’m up early and I’m excited.

What I love about this business is helping people.

There’s nothing better than working with a client on a one to one basis and help them reach their goals!

In order to help as many people as possible I expanded my business to online too, this allows me to help people from all across the world.

Today brings another new direction and another new project.

That’s (as you’ve heard) by running a brand new SLIMMING CLUB

I am setting up and running the Llanelli branch alongside friend and colleague Richard Clarke who has been in the business for nearly 20 years and really knows his stuff.

So there’s loads and loads to do today to get everything ready for tonight.

Here’s a bit more info in case you were still on the fence about joining:
-There’s NO just weighing and then leaving
-There’s NO point systems or counting calories
-There’s NO shakes, bars or products to buy
-And there’s NO men either, except for me 😉

Plus on top of all that, our meals are suitable for the WHOLE family and include your favourite so called “junk foods” like curries, burgers, shepherds pie, plus sweet treats like cookies and chocolate brownies”.

Each week in the meeting we discuss a different area relating to weight loss and regularly give you new meal plans and different diets.

We not only show you how to eat properly and lose weight fast with our tasty recipes and meal plans, but we also explain WHY we promote things like full fat over LOW FAT and why using salt is essential.

It runs every Wednesday at two time slots, 6:30pm or 7:10pm and takes place at Felinfoel Church Hall.

Before you start you need to fill out this form:

Hope to see some of you tonight,


PS Oh yeah, you can try the first class and if it’s not for you then there’s no cost.

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