It’s All Gone Pete Tong

I had a message from a one of my clients a couple of weeks ago.
I shall protect his identity by calling him Clint
Clint had been on an excellent run in training and his diet was the best it had been, he was started to see some good changes but as is life he hit a bit of turbulence.
This is what he said:
It’s gone a bit pear shaped really, food & exercise have gone out the window last few days. (Main meals have been ok, just the snacking & choices of snacks have scuppered it a bit) focus/motivation have completely left me, which is extremely annoying my, as I want to do stuff, but can’t seem to arsed.  So trying to reset that this week, with getting my water intake back up, & trying to get the food back on track, although my head is saying to just cut my losses for the rest of February, do some damage control and get myself back in the right frame of mind for March.
This is common and it happens a lot, to myself included.
It’s very rare for people to stay on the straight and narrow forever, it’s human nature to deviate from the things we are supposed to do and get drawn in by the dark side (sitting on our arses and eating crap)

Here was my reply:

What’s changed for this to happen with you? Anything you can think of?

You’re currently on the best training and nutrition run you’ve been on so just remember how hard you’re working in the gym. Also you shouldn’t find the eating too hard work because you’re eating lovely meals. It’s all about mindset (which I know is tough), we see crappy foods as a treat but 5 mins after eating it we feel like crap ourselves! Surely a treat for the body would be something nutritious and enjoyable like a steak or the healthy desserts you were making.

Is there a lot of bad foods in the house? That’s always a reason people go off course, it’s hard to resist then.

Just take it easy and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just do some light workouts (walk/run/treadmill/bodyweight circuit) at a nice intensity and just enjoy it. Mornings are good. And these are easy to fit into the day even if you are working.

Plan your meals and try and have breakfast to stop you oversnacking. Eggs/yoghurt for breakfast, omelette/salad/leftovers for lunch and then dinner mince/steak/chicken/turkey with potato or rice. A couple of days back on this and you’ll be fine. If you want to snack try and go back to the dark choc/bars/nuts. The longer you stay off track the harder it is to get back. You’ve been working your ass off this year and just remember how much better the training and food is making you feel and you’ll be fine my friend!

We’re human so we all have little lapses. There’s no real damage done so you’ll bounce back fine. Decide what you’re going to change for the better tomorrow and then the same the day after. It’s a journey start to finish and you’ve just slipped slightly off the path, follow the above and you’re back on track.

Fast forward a few days and a couple of sessions later and Clint is back on track.
The thing which was a big no from me was the suggestion of starting again in March, the problem with this thinking is come (insert non existent perfect time to start) you are feeling like crap and a few lbs (sometimes stone) heavier.
The longer you hide on the sofa behind your dominoes pizza box the harder it is to get back.
Take action now and nip it in the bud.
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Take care,
Jamie ‘Straight Talking’ Stedman
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