I’ve Met Some Amazing People

One of the best things about my job is the people I work with.
That’s also at times the worst part of my job 😉 but 90% of the time I really do get to work with some fantastic people.
Over the last 5 years I’ve met people of different ages, backgrounds, careers and health status.
One thing some of these people have taught me is there really is no excuses for people not to exercise.
I’ve worked with people who’ve had a stroke and lost most movement down one side of the body who are coming into the gym 3-4 times a week.
A gentleman aged 91 comes to my fitness class every Friday and never misses a session. He also can squat lower than me I’m sure!
I’ve come across people with COPD, Cancer, Joint replacements, Heart Attacks even loss of limbs but they keep on exercising.
Keep on trying to improve their quality of lives.
Yet I still see people with minimal excuses compared to the above happy to sit on their ass and do nothing.
I can’t guarantee that exercising and living a healthy life means you won’t suffer from any of the things mentioned above but it’ll damn sure reduce your chances of getting seriously ill.
If you’re not quite ready to change your habits but know you should then have a serious think about what your excuses are.
You don’t have to change the world by running a marathon or attending 10 classes in a week.
Start with a little walk around the park or going for a swim.
Or if you need your hand held by someone who’s worked with people from all different backgrounds then get in touch and I can show you the EASIEST WAY TO EXERCISE.
We’ll do it together, I’ve got a range of p=options available to suit most people’s schedules and budgets.
You’ve just got to make the first move and click reply and let me know you’re interested.
Jamie Stedman


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