Lazy ‘Healthy’ Eating

I do get frustrated sometimes when I see clients fail to reach their goals.
I couldn’t say a bad word about any of my client’s effort in training, everyone really does give it 100%
Unfortunately that only accounts for a couple of hours if that a week.
They’re on their own the rest of the time to make a success of it or mess it up!
SIDENOTE – My members get access to me via whatsapp/any form of communication platform, they get several weekly emails with hints and tips, access to private Facebook group to submit food diaries and ask questions. So they always have me on hand to help, I don’t want to be a trainer who limits themselves to just face-face time.
What I see is many clients and people I know fall into the trap of ‘healthyish eating’
This is when you eat healthy foods but not the best ones.
This is when you overeat on the easy healthy options and they form too big a part of your diet.
This leads to stopping results and plateaus, it won’t necessarily lead to weight gain but it does stop results in their tracks.
These are my top mistakes I see people making:
– Not eating enough, skipping breakfast every day and having 1-2 meals a day
– Becoming peanut butter addicts
– Eating too many healthy fats such as avocados, nut butters, nuts, cheese
– Low fat yoghurts for breakfast every day, bonus error shop bough granola with it
– Eating too many mayo ridden shop bought salads
– Eating ‘healthy’ ready meals
– Swapping bread for bagels or wraps (just as bad sorry)
– Buying poor quality meat
– Eating too many protein shakes, bars, cookies etc just because it says protein on it doesn’t mean it’s good. A protein mars bar is still a mars bar (just chewier and tastes worse)
So there’s my quick checklist to help you out and stop you from wasting your time.
If you want a clear and well thought out healthy eating method then why not sign up to one of my plans. All the info is here:
Jamie Stedman
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