Meal Plan 2

Weeks 4-5
BreakfastGreek/Bio Live Yoghurt with small handful of nuts Mushroom & tomato omeletteGreek/Bio Live Yoghurt with handful of berries Spinach and berry smoothie Greek/Bio Live Yoghurt with small handful of nuts Boiled egg and asparagus spearsScrambled egg, ham/bacon (optional) with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes / FAST
LunchLarge Green Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil with chicken breastGrilled fish with peas & green beansLarge Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add choice of meat if hungryChicken & onion omelette with a side salad of grated carrot, lettuce & cucumber. Can add balsamic vinegarMackerel fillet, 2 boiled potatoes and peasChicken & vegetable soupChoice of meat with mash potato, asparagus & peas
DinnerChicken/fish with Spinach, Broccoli & Green Beans with butterChicken with stir fry vegetables cooked in coconut oil, rice noodles & sweet & sour sauce (small amount)Steak, fried onions and stir fry veg cooked in coconut oilLean mince, with chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and courgette spaghettiTurkey fillet with brown rice, sweet corn & red pepperGammon Steak with Boiled/Poached Egg, Pineapple, Peas & Small Amount Of Boiled PotatoesTuna Stuffed Peppers with Roast Vegetables
SnacksCelery Sticks / Carrot sticks
Chicken DrumstickCarrot & Cucumber Sticks with HoumousVegetable Soup2 Boiled EggsSmall SaladHandful Of Nuts
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