My Holiday Plan

You have caught me on a good morning!
I’ve got a nice strength session with client of 2016 H and then off to the gym for a session before heading off to the airport at 9am.
I’ve got a week in Menorca with my family and girlfriend, man I need it!
This year has been a bit manic in and out of work.
It’s my first week off of the year to help me to relax and recharge and come back raring to go again.
We all need breaks and holidays are so important. Make sure you give yourself a few weeks off everything each year. If we can’t enjoy ourselves then why are we working so hard?
I’ve scheduled a few things to go out next week while I’m away so don’t panic, you’ll still get your dose of health and fitness news 🙂
So I am going on an all inclusive holiday as many of you already have or will this year.
As much food as you want (and drink)…
And I can eat. I absolutely love my food. I could probably easy out on a stone in a week if I wanted to!
So here is my strategy while on holiday to prevent that happening. 
– Trainers are packed so I will do a 15-20 min run every morning to get my metabolism kicking and just make me feel better in general
– High protein breakfasts – bacon and eggs every morning. No toast, croissants, cereal
– Swim every day, I’m a rubbish swimmer but I’ll do a bit to keep me going
– Go out for a walk every day
– Drink plenty of water rather than the sugary juices
– Limit alcohol intake, I will drink but try not to overdo it especially with the sugar packed cocktails
– Lunch and dinner I will focus on good quality meat/fish and plenty of veg
Following those rules will mean that I won’t move too far away from my goals and it won’t be so extreme to have a negative impact on my holiday.
Also if I follow those rules then I can have dessert every night and not worry too much 😉
Use that little list to get you through your up and coming holiday if you have one.
Okay time to go.
Bon voyage,
Jamie Stedman
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