No More Meds

I had this message from Cath who attends my small group training sessions on a Tuesday night.
She has just completed her first 12 week block and is about to start her next one, here’s what she said:
‘Got to be honest, I have got so much more energy since starting training, that’s all I used to do before was sleep and was in pain all the time… no medication any more just diet and exercise. Don’t get me wrong I still get pain every day but nowhere near so many flare ups which is fab. Thank you x’
Cath suffers with a condition called fibromyalgia. It can have a crippling effect on people’s lives and can lead to constant pain in the muscles. Some people can’t do the simplest of tasks during bad bouts.
Cath is a bit of a fighter and I have been slowly building her up over 12 weeks , doing a little bit more each week. We alternate a circuit session with a higher weight resistance session each week and she’s reaping the rewards (with just one session a week).
I’m never going to recommend that people stop taking their meds but I do know that many people who start a sensible exercise regime alongside following a healthy diet need much less medication which is a good thing.
Catherine still has a long way to go to get where she wants to be and due to her condition at times it’s just about managing it. That’s what I help with.
I’m still fairly early into my career as a trainer and coach but have already picked up qualifications in GP referral, Cardiac, Pulmonary and Cancer rehab alongside pre and post natal exercise. Allowing me to work with clients with many different problems.
If you fall into any of those categories and are unsure on exercise and a bit scared then I can show you the safest and best way to getting more active, it’ll be the best thing you do with your health.
There’s only one space remaining in my Monday morning class at 7:30am and also on a Friday morning 8:30am (sessions starting in September if you want to join (alongside Cath)), it’s £120 for 12 weeks.
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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