One Glass Of Wine Please

It’s fair to say that we in Wales like to drink, the next occasion is never too far away.
The improving weather brings even more opportunities it seems.
I don’t want to put too much a downer on things but this is an important subject. I like a good knees up as much as the next guy when it calls but if you find a reason to drink every night of the week then that’s where this is an issue.
Better weather brings more parties, bbqs, pub lunches, beer gardens – they all make that drink of your favourite tipple a lot more appealing.
Many people don’t think about the calories in alcohol and how it can affect their weight loss attempts.
Irrelevant to how it makes you feel rubbish the day after and have a kebab on the way home today I’m just mentioning how drinking it alone can make weight loss so much more difficult.
I don’t advertise alcohol intake as helpful to any plan but I know many of you like a drink and it’s part of your life. If you want to keep having your fix but want to stay on track with being healthy then there are a few things you can do:
1. Swap lager for red wine – this can save you 200 calories per drink alone! Plus there are some good things in red wine for the body, it even has anti ageing properties!
2. Kick the cocktails – These can be jam packed with unhelpful sugars! If you did want a lesser sugar option then you can have a bloody mary as a better option (I personal think it’s the worst drink I’ve ever tasted!)
3. Be wary of your mixer – Swap your coke (and diet coke) for soda or tonic water for a healthier alternative. You could even add a bit of lemon or lime to go towards your 5 a day ?
What I try to work on with my clients who want to cut down is to try and save it for the weekend or even the approach of pushing it back a day.
If it’s Tuesday say ‘I’ll have it tomorrow instead’, when it gets to tomorrow reassess if you actually want it.
The topic was regarding weight loss today but the difference cutting down your weekly booze is even more important.
Something to think about,
Jamie Stedman
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