Pile On The Protein

If there is one food or should I say food type that you should be eating every single day what do you think it is?

I like to think I have taught you well and you know the answer.


Fats and carbs are essential but one thing to ensure you are eating enough of is protein.

Most people overeat on the carbs every meal:

Breakfast – Toast, porridge, cereal, fruit

Lunch – Sandwiches, wraps, crisps

Dinner – Pasta, rice, pizza, potatoes

For some people that’s a normal day. There’s very little protein there which is a problem.

If you’re trying to lose weight and that’s what you’re eating then you’ll struggle.

Protein is essential throughout the day but a high protein breakfast gets the day off to a great start.

It’ll help you lose more weight, fill you up and boost your metabolism.

You don’t have to eat chicken breast or steaks for breakfast (unless you want to!)

Number 1 source of protein for breakfast is?

You got it Eggs.

Eggcellent work!

Perfect source of protein and very versatile so you can boil, scramble, poach, fry or turn into an omelette.

So get your day off to a good start with a high protein breakfast.

The world is a little protein mad with protein shakes, bars, cookies and even pizzas! Where possible try to get your protein from natural foods like meat, vegetables and eggs.

Take care,

Jamie Stedman

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