Quiz Time! How Healthy Are You Out Of 10?

I’m talking all the time.
Not just Monday-Thursday
It seems like everyone who has a day or two of healthy eating deserves a treat or a ‘cheat day’, a dominoes pizza as a reward for a 20 min run or a slice of cake after attending a zumba class.
Us humans (myself included) are a mad bunch, on a mission to kill ourselves off through lack of activity and indulging in addictive sugar ridden foods.
So if I asked you now would you say you’re healthy or unhealthy?
Think about your answer.
Now let’s do a little quiz.
I’m going to give you 10 things which make you healthy, the more you do on a DAILY basis (or at least 5 days a week) the healthier you should be.
Add your scores up at the end and see if it changes your opinion on being healthy or not.
1. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day
2. Fill up on vegetables (excluding starchy ones such as potatoes) by having 4-5 portions a day
3. Eat something green at least once a day
4. Move – take 10,000 steps a day or do a structured exercise session 3-5 times a week
5. Eat healthy fats (fish, eggs, nuts)
6. Earn your carbs – imagine carbs like fuel and you like a car. The more you drive the more fuel you need, the less you drive (move) the less fuel (carbs) you need. So don’t overdo carbs daily by having bread, pasta, potatoes, chips on a daily basis
7. Eat good quality protein 2-3 meals a day
8. Have at least 5 alcohol free days a week
9. Sleep at least 7 hours a night
10. Ditch high sugar foods (ice cream, chocolate, sweets, biscuits) and processed foods including shop bought sauces.
Okay so how did you do?
Maybe you aren’t as healthy as you think you are.
If you’re only on 4-5 out of 10 try to introduce a few more to have a positive impact on your health.
Take care,
Jamie ‘8 out of 10’ Stedman
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