Record Number Of Severely Obese Children

More good news from the UK this week…
Public health England have found that a record number of children are leaving primary school severely obese (more than 22,000 children!!!!).
1 in 25 were shown to be severely obese. 
That’s SEVERELY obese, doesn’t take into account normal levels of obesity or even being overweight.
What sort of a start to a young life is that?
Every single task is more difficult, these children will soon be starting structured PE lessons, a nice environment to be in, I don’t think so. It’ll probably be enough to put many of exercise for the rest of their life and so the problem worsens. 
The department of health are aiming to halve obesity by 2030, amazing if it works. As part of their second phase they’re looking to ban unhealthy foods from supermarket checkouts and look into tv ads promoting junk.
Is this enough? I don’t think so.
I believe educating children on healthy eating is a fantastic initivative but if they’re going home after school and being given a packet of crisps and chocolate to keep them going until 6pm for pizza and chips then they haven’t got a chance.
It’s the parents responsibility to create good eating habits and to set a good example.
Yes it’s cheaper to eat unhealthily but you can eat better on a budget, no doubt about it.
The excuse of eating healthily is too expensive doesn’t stand for me.
Obesity is a preventable disease 
You have control and you have a good degree control over your children too.
Something to think about,
Jamie Stedman
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