Smoothies Or Fizzy Drinks?

What is healthier?
Which one would you give your kids?
It’s a no brainer really isn’t it.
It’s got to be the lovely colourful smoothies right?
Okay so which is healthier – well fizzy drinks offer zero health benefits, smoothies (for the purpose of this post I’m just talking about ready made shop bought ones) have fruit and sometimes veg in so yes they do offer more health benefits.
Which would you give your kids? (and yourself)
Well neither if you can help it.
You see many of these shop bought smoothies contain an absolutely ridiculous amount of sugar.
Take the Super Green Machine by Naked, a massive brand and you’ll see that one bottle of this contains 60g of sugar.
Yep! 60!! (15 sugar cubes)
And this drink is advertised as being super healthy and is seen by most people as a better alternative to fizzy drinks.
Did you know that two of the biggest smoothie brands, Innocent and Naked are owned by Coca Cola and Pepsi!?
They don’t sound so healthy anymore do they.
What to do?
Drink some water, if you don’t like the taste then try adding fresh lime/lemon/cucumber/mint to improve the taste. It can be really refreshing.
If you really can’t stomach it then try and get a good quality squash with as little additives as possible and add a little bit of that.
We have enough problems on our hands from eating excess calories from our foods let alone from what we drink too!
Give it the boot.
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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