So What Are You Going To Do Next Year?

Hey there,

Approaching the last few days in work for many of you before Christmas.

For the lucky ones then today could be your last day.

I’m nearly there, working until Monday morning and then off for the week.

Can’t wait to chill out a bit and spend some time with the family (and eating a lot)!

By New Years day I’ve normally eaten enough to sink a ship and I have a little strategy to make myself feel better.

I’m normally bloated, sluggish and a couple of pounds heavier.

I know for most people they’re a lot worse than me.

I normally put myself through a little detox ranging from 3-14 days.

By the end of it I’m feeling great and ready to go again!

The good thing for me is I’ve done a lot of research into detox and how to carry it out.

The good thing for you is I’ve put all of this knowledge into an easy to follow 14 Day Detox Course for you to help you feel fitter, healthier and lighter!

It’s available for £19.99

For more info and to get yourself on the course click below

There is another option too.

This isn’t as in depth but it’s a good start and will set you up well to move onto the full course.

It’s my 3 Day Detox diet option.

This is FREE.

If you wanted to sign up to this then pop your details into the page linked to below:

3 Day Detox

Both are designed for January but if you wanted to get in early then you can sign up below. You just need to keep the daily emails for when you’re ready to start

You’ll be hearing a bit more about these after Christmas.

Take care,

Jamie Stedman

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