The Big Five

Hey there!
What a couple of weeks I’ve had.
Late Monday night I returned from South Africa, it’s quite a place. It really was a trip of a lifetime.
After a missed night’s sleep due to flying I am a little weary writing this after my first day back.
I started the holiday by going on safari.
Getting up at 5am to try and spot animals was quite the experience.
All the animals we saw were great but we were looking for the elusive ‘Big 5’
These are made up of lions, buffalo, rhino, elephants and leopards. We saw 4 but not the leopards.
4 out of 5 isn’t too bad.
Now I’m back in work and returned to training today I did my Big 5 workout.
I included my top 5 bang for your buck exercises.
The ones which bring the most benefit.
If you aren’t getting the following 5 exercises in your exercise program then you’re missing out!
1. Squat
2. Deadlift
3. Chest Press
4. Pull/Chin Up
5. Shoulder Press
There’s many different variations of these exercises you can do and different rep ranges, weights, sets etc which will determine how good your results are.
That is what I do with my clients, we can all find out the best exercises out there with a quick google search but how we use them to reach their goals is where I/a coach comes in.
If you want a killer body then doing the above exercises for sets of 20-30 with a low weight isn’t going to cut it!
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Take care!
Jamie Stedman
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