The Danger Of Having Too Much Time

Last New Year’s Eve I didn’t have many plans.
It mainly consisted of watching the Graham Norton show and trying not to eat crisps if I recall.
Through having a quiet night I sensibly/stupidly signed up to my third marathon.
A nice flat, easy one?
Nope Snowdon!
I thought ahh it’s ages away. I’ve got all year to train and be in the best fitness I’ve ever been to give it a good old blast.
Have I done that?
Well I’ve trained, well at times and not so well at times.
When is it?
A week tomorrow!!!
I’m not a million miles off but I’m definitely not where I wanted/planned to be at this time.
It works for some people, but most work well under a bit more pressure and to deadlines.
How many of you are putting off doing that healthy food shop, going out for that run, joining the gym because you can do that next week?
Fast forward a week and you’ll find a reason to put it off again and again and again.
If you know you should do something then you just need to bite the bullet and get started.
There very rarely is a perfect time to start anything.
It’s also never too late to get a bit fitter and healthier. NEVER
Anyways I’m off to squeeze in a bit more training before the big day!
Great news is we had a few more recruits take advantage of the online half price sale I was doing earlier this week an I’m going to open up one more place for the 90 day plan for £49.50. Just tell me you want in and I’ll send you over the payment details to get you signed up.
If you want more than that and are ready/nearly ready to make some changes then fill out this form and I can show you the many ways (starting from £25 a month) that I can help you get fitter, healthier and happier:
Have a wicked weekend!
Jamie Stedman
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